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I'm Zayania Assya from the Zayan tribe in the middle atlas mountains of Morocco. Rugs have been made in my family for generations. My aunt makes rugs, my late grandmother Hanna did and her mother before her, who I was lucky to meet, although she was over 100 years old and couldn't realize I was her great grandchild, but she always loved sitting next to the weaving loom by my grandmother who made rugs and wedding blankets for us until she was 70... As a kid and teenager I had to sit and learn by my grandmother during my weekly visits, beautiful memories...

I'm curating a selection of rare vintage Moroccan rugs for you. After much persistence from friends and family, I decided to finally give my rug heritage the attention it deserves by using my art formal education abroad, my passion of doing good in the community to offer you gems of rugs, directly from my community  and other fairly compensated artisans from Morocco. 

Custom moroccan rugs, abstract runner rugs, nursery rugs, are among many types of rugs I am passionate about designing and making, while adding a personalized touch on the rug that speaks to You.

Thank you for your support to the artisans who I take it to heart to compensate very fairly for their new work or vintage pieces they sell through me. PLEASE, Don't hesitate to send any questions my way, if something you want isn't on here, ask me I have many gems I haven't posted yet. 
Truly yours,

Assya Moussaid


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